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WE DID IT AGAIN! For the 11th year in a row, PLANTation Services has been named Best of Biz!

Voted the 2014 Arkansas Business Best Interior Plant Service.

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The Villa “We had a vision, but the knowledge and expertise PLANTation Services brought showed us the plants we originally envisioned would not live in the spaces we had.” View Project >
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Preparing to decorate for a big day, event or ceremony?

Consider using live plants in the decor for a fraction of the normal costs of flowers.

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In observance of Business Improvement Month, here are some helpful tips on how plants can improve yours! Maintaining a green environment indoors has many advantages for businesses of all sizes, from small offices to large headquarters. The investment in green surroundings can have a positive effect on your business, bottom line.

Enhanced Performance

The most important aspect of green indoor landscapes is that plants are not only used as decoration but are an investment in your business that makes a noticeable contribution to the operations. Studies show that tasks performed under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding higher quality and resulting in up to a 12% increase in productivity. Nature in the workplace serves to stimulate both the senses and the mind, improving mental cognition and performance.

Reduced Stress and Blood Pressure

Plants are proven to reduce blood pressure and stress. From a visual standpoint, plants have the power to calm and lower blood pressure, while reducing the stress your body endures. Working in a green environment impacts your employees’ sense of well-being, creativity and health. Your employees will feel better and work better.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Plants also reduce noise pollution in the workplace. This is key for restaurants and expansive, open spaces with an abundance of dead space and echo. Noise is distracting, making employees less productive, tainting the customer experience and reducing privacy. The addition of plants in such spaces is proven to reduce noise pollution by up to 50% through sound absorption. The number of plants, and the size and surface area of the plants will all impact their ability to absorb sound.

Reduced Cooling Costs

Plants in the workplace can also save money. Plants cool by a process called transpiration, which, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, decreases air temperature in offices by up to 10 degrees. Plant transpiration also releases moisture, creating a humidity level exactly matching the recommended human comfort range of 30% to 60%. For example, if the humidity level in your office is too low, it may cause materials like wood to crack. On the other hand, if the humidity level is too high, condensation will form on the windows and exterior and could result in costly structural damage.

May is Business Improvement Month; let PLANTation Services help your business climb like ivy on a tree and call us today!

Arkansas’ Best Interior Plant Service

Featured Project

The Villa Featured Project

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