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Bring your space to life with live indoor plants from PLANTation Services!

Research confirms that live office plants enhance employee productivity and can boost physical & mental health!

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Preparing to decorate for a big day, event or ceremony?

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We are the kind of team that gets excited about your plant endeavors! When you “dream big,” that’s when we can really show off our talented and reliable PLANTation Services Green Team. We have the resources and knowledge to make your ideas come to life (literally). We have large artificial plant installations in Malvern, plant walls in Little Rock and plant beds in client spaces all around Central Arkansas.

Here are a few ways that you can “dream big!”

Why settle with one plant when you can have a plant masterpiece?

We can work with your contractor to select the best plant wall system for your space whether it is going in a grand entrance or a high-traffic hallway. There are many different plant wall systems to choose from and determining the best system for the application and a strategic planting design can be daunting tasks. If you are currently transitioning to a new building, consider a plant wall to add interest to your space.

What about large atriums that just don’t have the required light levels to support the live plant materials that the space demands?

Artificial plant material has come a long way. Our designers are experts at incorporating both live and artificial plants in the same design to achieve the desired look. From preserved palms to artificial ficus trees with real wood trunks, there are many attractive options for those large situations with low light levels. With our large artificial plant installations, we will also include a cleaning schedule to ensure your artificial plant materials hold up and stay looking their best.

How about changing up the scenery with a bed of plants?

Plant beds give any space a sophisticated look. They are perfect for displaying sculptures or even to fill an unused corner. Plant beds can be as large or as small as you prefer. If you are looking for something to completely “wow” customers or clients, a bed of plants will do just the trick!

If you’re ready to dream big with your plant plans, give us a call at (888)821-5770. Our goal is to customize elaborate displays with efficiency. We will see the project through from start to finish. Also we provide the plant maintenance after the project is completed, so that your big plans are truly only a few simple steps away.

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