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Fall is the time for gathering together family and friends. Whether it be for dinner, drinks or a holiday party, decorating for the season is an opportunity to create a welcoming environment. Here are a few unique DIYs to decorate your tabletop this fall:

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Pumpkin and Succulent Harvest Decoration

Whether you are looking for the perfect hostess gift for Thanksgiving, or a beautiful centerpiece for a fall gathering, this pumpkin and succulent harvest decoration is unique, green and simple to make! You’ll need a pumpkin, spray adhesive, a glue gun with glue sticks, moss and succulent cuttings. Once you have all of your supplies, you are ready to begin! Simply use the spray adhesive on the bottom of the moss pieces and quickly place on top of the pumpkin (cutting into the pumpkin is not necessary). When your moss is firmly secured and placed to your liking, use the glue gun to start placing the succulent cuttings around the top of the pumpkin, gluing them to the moss. Continue to place the succulent cuttings in a random order around the top of the pumpkin until you are happy with the finished product, and voila! Your centerpiece is ready! To learn more about this DIY project, click here.

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Tabletop Tree Limbs

It’s no secret that as the leaves begin to change, so will your home décor. You could go with the normal potted marigold mums, or you could change it up a little bit with this beautiful centerpiece! Made of mostly maple and goldenrod, the fall foliage brings just as much drama as flowers do to a blank space. Simply go outside, cut off a few limbs and place them in a sturdy vase with water. As the leaves begin to die, you can easily replace with new limbs, for an ever-changing fall centerpiece.

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The Greenhouse Centerpiece

This greenhouse centerpiece is easy, even for those not blessed with a crafty hand! Empty lanterns and greenhouse-like vessels are becoming ever-more popular in home décor, partially because they are so easy to work with. Simply find the empty glass lantern, greenhouse or terrarium of your choice, and place your selected items inside randomly. This option is also great for those who like to decorate for fall, but do not particularly like “fall colors.”

Are fall centerpiece DIYs still not your thing? Don’t worry, the Green Team at PLANTation Services has got you covered! While planning your fall gathering, don’t forget that we provide tropical plants and seasonal centerpieces for events! For a free quote click here.  

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