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June is Great Outdoors Month, and what better excuse to celebrate? Whether it’s a hike, camping trip, or a simple walk around the neighborhood, it’s no secret that Arkansas has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. While we realize it’s nearly impossible to bring all of that outdoors beauty indoors, PLANTation Services has created some indoor plantscapes and large plant options to reflect the great outdoors.

  At the Heifer International headquarters in Little Rock, a large area of space is reserved for children. Because of the additional space and high ceilings, adding in this beautiful 20-foot-tall tree is the perfect option to bring a little outdoors in. The tree’s climbing limbs and wide-open structure makes it the perfect addition to Heifer’s green building. The branches are spread out just enough to let light through, while still expanding over a large enough area to create the feeling of being outdoors. Members of the PLANTation Services Green Team feel such a strong connection with this tree that they nicknamed it “Bob.”


  Using a large plant to fill in a “dead space” in your home or office is just what you need to give the room an uplift. As you can see here, at the Capitol Hotel, the leaves on this particular palm reach out a few feet wider – giving this open, white wall a focal point. The ivy creates volume at the base of the palm, helping to balance the décor.


  Sometimes you have vertical spaces that you need to fill – such as extremely high ceilings. This can be achieved by choosing a plant with a tall trunk and thin, short limbs reaching out from the top. Doing so creates volume at the top of the plant, taking up dead space in the open air, while leaving room to walk around the bottom of the plant. It’s a win-win situation!

  It’s important to remember the functionality, as well as the look when choosing the right tree for your indoor space. It’s not always an easy decision, and that’s why PLANTation Services is here. We not only provide plants and their upkeep, but we also provide design services to help you interpret what works the best for your area, making your space stand out and remain functional. So bring the Great Outdoors inside this summer, and let PLANTation Services make your botanical vision come to life!


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Featured Project

The Villa Featured Project

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