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WE DID IT AGAIN! For the 11th year in a row, PLANTation Services has been named Best of Biz!

Voted the 2014 Arkansas Business Best Interior Plant Service.

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Featured Project

The Villa “We had a vision, but the knowledge and expertise PLANTation Services brought showed us the plants we originally envisioned would not live in the spaces we had.” View Project >
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Weddings & Events

Preparing to decorate for a big day, event or ceremony?

Consider using live plants in the decor for a fraction of the normal costs of flowers.

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As one of Little Rock’s top indoor plant providers and designers, we’re leading the charge in spreading the word about the value of indoor plants and pure, clean indoor air.

Indoor plants …

… create a healthier environment.

Indoor plants do wonders for indoor air quality by reducing carbon dioxide, increasing oxygen levels and removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – chemicals released into the air by common office equipment that can cause employees to be more illness-prone. In fact, studies have shown offices with plants have significantly healthier employees. In plantless offices, employees were more likely to suffer from fatigue, headaches and coughs.

… create a more productive environment.

A direct result of having a healthy indoor environment is a productive one! Homes and offices with indoor plants have happier, healthier occupants, which allows them to be more focused on their personal goals and tasks they’d like to accomplish.

… create a more beautiful environment.

Typical décor items like wall art, throw pillow and vases certainly have a nice effect on a room, but only living, breathing plants can turn a space into a lush oasis. By making the place you spend most of your time in more alive and beautiful, you’ll create a space you’ll never want to leave. Breathing in fresh, clean air and being surrounding by beauty is also known to reduce stress, making plants a truly vital part of creating a soothing, enjoyable home, office or lobby.

We hope you’ll celebrate National Indoor Plant Week with us by taking a little extra time to admire your indoor plants – and consider adding some more to space! If you don’t have any indoor plants to admire, come see us! We’ll find the perfect plant for your home or office, and help you commemorate this important week in style with a gorgeous new plant.

Arkansas’ Best Interior Plant Service

Featured Project

The Villa Featured Project

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