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WE DID IT AGAIN! For the 11th year in a row, PLANTation Services has been named Best of Biz!

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The Villa “We had a vision, but the knowledge and expertise PLANTation Services brought showed us the plants we originally envisioned would not live in the spaces we had.”
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Preparing to decorate for a big day, event or ceremony?

Consider using live plants in the decoré for a fraction of the normal costs of flowers.

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We’ve officially entered one of our favorite seasons here at PLANTation Services: Spring! With its abundance of our favorite color (green) and diverse blooming plant life, spring is the perfect time to decorate your office, home or event with lush plants.

Here are some ways that you can embrace spring no matter the occasion:

Around the office …
We have recently added a new service to better serve our clients. In addition to indoor plant rental and maintenance, we also offer an Outdoor Container Gardening Blooming Program. With this program, you can purchase large or small potted plants to grow on your own or with the help of our Green Team. We also offer outdoor plant rental and maintenance. Our outdoor rental plants are guaranteed. Interested in being one of the first to come on board? Call today!

In the office …
The benefits of keeping indoor plants in your office include increased productivity, better air quality and an overall enhanced environment. We know the thought of choosing, purchasing and caring for plants may seem daunting on top of all the other work you need to get done at the office. Thankfully we can take care of all of that for you – within your budget!

In your home …
You’ve probably worked hard to find the perfect furnishings for your home. We will help you maximize your style with minimal effort by completing your design with lush tropical plants. Our team will help you decide how to fill your space based on the amount of light and maintenance the plants need.

At your special event …
From luncheons to weddings, our plants can help fill large spaces, direct traffic and draw attention to focal points on a short-term basis. No event decor is complete without plants. Our event rentals can be used for a variety of occasions and budgets. You’ll even receive our Green Team’s expert design advice to ensure your plant rentals will make a statement.

At PLANTation Services, we believe there’s no need to leave spring outside. Give us a call at 888-821-5770 and let us know how we can bring the gorgeous leaves and blooms of the season to you office, home or event.

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Featured Project

The Villa Featured Project

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